Don't Let Your First House Become a Money Pit

Talk with a general contractor about construction red flags to avoid

If you're like many homebuyers in the greater Greensboro area, you're not too familiar with the inner workings of a home's structural, HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems. That's why talking with a general contractor comes in handy. The Lady GC offers consulting services so you can make your homebuying decisions with confidence.

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5 things to look for when buying a pre-existing home

Maybe you've already found a home with everything on your wish-list: a beautiful kitchen, designer bathrooms, a living room with a view and a fenced-in backyard. But have you given any thought to the home's construction? Do your homework to find out if the home is...

  1. Free of wood damage: Check the deck, roof eaves, window and door trim and hardwood floors for moist or rotten wood.
  2. Standing on dry ground: Puddles in the garage, basement or crawl space could be a sign of poor drainage around the house.
  3. Protected from the elements: If you've noticed moisture in the attic's insulation, you could be dealing with a leaky roof.
  4. Wired safely: Look for burn marks around the electrical outlets or power surges when you turn on the lights and high-voltage appliances.
  5. Heating and cooling properly: Is water pooling around the AC unit? Does the furnace have rusted components? If so, these fixtures may need to be replaced.

The Lady GC can give you insider insight as you're looking for homes. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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